Frog Closures & Knotted Embellishments

April 9, 2018

Sometimes it’s the little things that can set a room apart.  Those special touches that make something unique and interesting.  It doesn’t have to necessarily be extravagant or cost a lot of money- just a touch to catch your eye and peek interest.

Our new collection of knotted embellishments and frog closures (yes, they are called frog closures) do just that.  They can be dressed up or down, be casual on a linen or lean more towards the luxe side on velvet.

They are super simple to hand tack on to a ready made pillow, upholstery skirt, cornice board or chair back.   The large size of the knotted embellishment is approximately 8” x 8” and the small size approximately 4” x 4”.  

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Our frog closures are a nice detail to add to the sides of skirts of ottomans or sofas.  These are approximately 2” x 4.25”.

The emergence of knotted embellishments and frog closures can be traced back hundreds of years ago to the fashion scene.  Knotted detailing on the sleeves of a dress circa 1864 is a good example of this. 

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Often times, what is found on the fashion scene makes its way to interior fashions.


Our collection is available in 4 colors- taupe, cream, gold and French blue, and can be found on our shopping website

We are so excited about our new collection, that we are holding an instagram contest where we will award a winner TWO of these 14 x 20” pillows, handmade in our workroom with one of our knotted embellishments!  Made in a neutral faux linen with a creamy flat tape trim and cream embellishment, these pillows will be sure to get a lot of complements in your home.  To enter to win, be on the lookout on our instagram page for the pillow giveaway post, like the post and tag a friend to be automatically entered to win.  We will ship the pillows to the winner at no charge within the continental US.  Drawing to be held on April 24, 2018 at 5pm Central time.

We hope you will love our collection of hand knotted embellishments and frog closures as much as we do, and would love to get your thoughts on this simple way to add a special touch to your interiors!