Powder Bath

December 18, 2017

The powder bathroom is often a room in the home that gets overlooked. Most stay neutral, ordinary, or do I dare say it - boooooring. Because of its small size, it’s a space where you can go bold with colors and patterns without it be too overpowering. 


Lighting is always key, in every room - but since most powder bathrooms are not used for getting ready in, here you can get creative. Sconces are always a go to when I'm designing a powder bath. They can replace the dated bar light and instantly transform the space.  

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Another trend I can't get enough of at the moment is wallpaper! I hear from most of my clients that they love the fun wallpaper patterns but are too afraid to commit. This is where the powder bath is the perfect venue, it's own oasis of sorts, where you can "do fun" without it covering your living room. 


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The mirror is another aspect that always seems to get overlooked. Instead of sticking with the standard rectangular mirror put in from the home builder, think outside the box! Try an arch, or an oval, or an ornate frame. 

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Just because all the other cabinets in your house are white, doesn't mean this one needs to be! I am currently loving dark navy or charcoal gray, and although it may make an entire kitchen too dark, the powder bath is the perfect space. 

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With the vast amount of resources we have, the possibilities are endless. Ask any of our designers how they can help transform your powder bath from boring to beautiful!