Adding Texture to Neutral Spaces

February 13, 2019

Neutral spaces can be exciting when done correctly. Some of our favorite projects have been full of neutrals! By adding textural elements to your neutral room you will make your space more visually appealing. Following these few easy steps, you can add interest and dimension into your neutral spaces.




Just like colors it is important to have layers of materials. Choose different fabrics for your pillow, window coverings, and upholstery. Laying rugs on top of a wood floor. Layering pillows made of different materials is an easy way to mix textures in a neutral space.




An easy way to add texture is by bringing in a natural element to the space. Whether its a rattan, wicker, or wood, paired next to a modern style sofa or a neutral sofa will be sure to give the space dimension.



You can also add interest with accessories. Layering shelves with stones, agates, and natural objects can create a clean, monochromatic look without being boring.



It is important to create contrast in a neutral space, by mixing different shades of  colors. Don’t just stick to ivories, light grays and beige. Its most important to make your space not feel bland so think outside the box. Slate grays and metallics can add interest while staying neutral.