Back to School - Create the Perfect Study Space

August 1, 2019

Summer has flown by, and back to school we go! As a mom of young kids, we've been back to school shopping, getting all the supplies off of their lists, and trying to cram in our last minute summer reading! Just as important as these steps are, I also make sure to get their study space "back to school" ready. It sounds cliché, but it’s true – your kids get out of school what they’re able to put into it. If you create a space where they can work comfortably, they’ll enjoy the learning experience all the more. Here are a few tips to create the perfect study space in your home.

Get the light right

Improper lighting puts a strain on the eyes and can cause headaches. If possible, put a desk near a window, the natural light can boost moods and help encourage better concentration. If you don’t have a nice window spot for the desk, try to avoid light that produces a ton of shadows or gives off a harsh glare. Another option is to use smart light bulbs. They have so many different options these days, and even have ones with special settings geared toward boosting concentration.

Make it personal

One of the keys in designing your study space is to prevent it from feeling sterile. Kids need color! Add a few things that make them secure and happy, like pictures of your family, cool art, stuffed animals, or motivating posters. Just make sure that none of the personal items you bring in will serve as a huge distraction. I try to elminate all toys out of their study space. Books and art supplies are always available however!

Keep it organized

Maintaining an organized study space helps your kids transition smoothly from one task to the next. Make a list of all the supplies they need to have easy access to, and make sure you have adequate drawers and shelves for storage. Also, keep a clear desktop! Nothing is more frustrating then trying to start a project when another project is spread out all over. Clutter itself is a distraction!

I hope these tips help you get organized in your home for back to school season and throughout the year!