Celebrating Gratitude for our Community

February 6, 2020

In taking part in this month's love festivities, we're putting our own spin on love month by taking a few moments throughout February to Celebrate Gratitude - for the big things, the little things, and everything in between. From the design process to life outside of it, join us in Celebrating Gratitude - because there is SO much to be grateful for, and so much to celebrate.

Today's moment: Celebrating Gratitude for our Community.

Last week, a few of us at Charbonneau Interiors attended the annual Women Empowering Women luncheon hosted by Interfaith Community Clinic, an AMAZING organization that we love to support right here in The Woodlands. Just imagine it: a room full of strong, female leaders in our community, gathering together to celebrate and connect and just learn from one another ... now add in American Idol contestant, Christian singer, female powerhouse Mandisa at the helm of it all. We laughed, we cried, we learned, we connected on what we all had in common, sitting in that room: women empower women who empower women.


One thing Mandisa said that has resonated with me is when she was talking about what genre to identify with during her road to navigating stardom in the music industry, and she said the most helpful piece of advice she got from Randy Jackson told her to "Sing the music that comes most naturally to you. Everything will then fall into place."


How liberating is that - to sing, to do, to pursue, to create something that comes most naturally to you - in order to achieve your best self? I think in any creative industry, interior design included, there is some sort of pressure to silo yourself into what's trendy to gain followers, stay relevant, or to appeal to the masses, in some way. But, staying rooted in this genuine and true belief that you are creating something that is so expressive to who you are as a creative is such a beautiful foundation to then take that creative expression and gift it to others.


Every designer has their own perspective - their own sense of self, sense of creative, sense of space - and that, to me, is where you find the beauty in this industry and excitement of just working with professional designers, in general. And yes - it was sitting in a hotel ballroom, at a luncheon, in a room of strong, female leaders, with a quote from Randy Jackson, that sparked all of this. Cheers to the creatives!


With all of that said, this was a moment of gratitude that I felt then, and am so excited to share this and celebrate the community and the creativity I'm constantly surrounded by. Being an interior designer is more than just space planning, trend prediction, and picking out pretty fabrics (as integral as all those pieces are to the entire design puzzle).


It's a soul-bearing, deeply personalized creative expression, and I am so grateful to be part of it all in working with some amazing clients and a powerhouse team. How are you Celebrating Gratitude today? Share with us on Instagram!