Celebrating Gratitude for the Details: Picking Paints

February 11, 2020

Today's meditation: feeling grateful for the little things - and taking a moment to celebrate them.

We've had a few big projects on our plate lately, and with the excitement of creating clients' dream homes while also growing our team also comes this intense level of dedication and focus - it's go time. One of the details that I think has such an incredible impact on any space, especially in a big picture kind of way, is paint color. If you follow a lot of designers on social media, you've probably noticed that picking paint colors can be a lot more of a tedious, extensive, and customized experience than you think. It's this process of discovering the perfect color, in the right shade with the right finish, that will bring the entire space together; to perfectly compliment furnishings, textiles, finishes, materials. All of it. And yes - we're celebrating that!



Design tip: trying to pick the perfect paint color? Don't trust the deck! Picking a color from a paint deck sometimes works out, but for me, I advise everyone to always paint a vertical swatch on the actual wall in the room before committing completely. Especially with colors like yellow and pink, this is important as artificial and natural light will always affect every color a little differently.



So here's to being grateful for allll of the little details in the process - from appliance knobs to paint colors, it's all these little pieces that complete the vision puzzle for any space. How are you celebrating gratitude for the little things today?