Creating a Quiet Corner (Even Amid the Chaos)

April 6, 2020

In this time of working from home, digital happy hours, and social distancing, sometimes you need a moment to catch your breath - to just sit, meditate, read a book, or whatever you may do for that quick moment of escape ... and wherever you do that matters, too. Whether you call it a zen den, quiet room, she-shed, mom cave, or the no-kids-allowed-zone, everyone deserves a space in their home that's just theirs, where the only expectation is relaxation. For me, that space is the corner of our formal living room.

So, if you're not able to dedicate an entire room to your own quiet room, that's okay! All I did was find a piece of furniture I loved, place it in a quiet corner of our house and in front of my favorite view of our family's piano, surround it with greenery, and add soft, luxurious pillows and throw blankets. This is truly the perfect sitting, lounging, reading, meditating, coffee-drinking, early-morning chair. Although it may just be a corner of our home, this wide chaise, upholstered with this incredibly soft material, is my own "zen den" where every single morning begins for me and allows me to meditate, focus on centering myself for the day, and be an overall more productive and peaceful human being. And, Bailey doesn't mind it either.

I am a big believer that the space you're in influences who you are, connects you to how you live, and inspires you to be a more peaceful and happier member of your household. And in this season where you may feel a lot of uncertainty, there's no better time to create your own zen den, quiet room, or just the corner of your formal living to navigate through the chaos and lead a more peaceful life. Unsure where to start and how to create your own zen den? Ask yourself these questions:

1. When are you most comfortable: sitting at a desk, lounging with your feet up, laying down, or being active, such as working out?

2. What is your favorite view in your home? Is it looking at the backyard, seeing family photos in frames, or right next to the fireplace? 

3. What hobby, interest, or activity brings you the most joy? Is it reading, painting, meditating, or running on the treadmill? 

And there you go - you've given yourself a great foundation to create your own zen den. With these questions you've answered where your quiet zone should be, what pieces of furniture, equipment, or tools to include there, and a few ideas of what you could do. Maybe it's a stand-up desk next to your bedroom window with your crafting supplies, a lounge chair on your patio with a small table to place your books, or the corner of the guest room to put a few weights and a yoga mat.  Wherever, and however, you create your space, I hope it brings you peace!


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