Home for the Holidays: Our First Holiday Newsletter is Here

December 16, 2019


Even with the year-round heat of Houston, who doesn't love a warm, cozy fireplace to snuggle up to? In honor of hoping for colder weather and spending our upcoming holiday evenings by the fireplace, we've rounded up a handful of our favorite hearths to make your spirits (and your home) bright this season.


Cozy Up Outdoors



Hung with Care




White Christmas






Seasons greetings and family gatherings - two things that always go in hand in hand for our family during the holidays. From our go-to Christmas cookies to our favorite festive spirits, we're giving our holiday essentials perfect for any gathering or get together.


Cookies and Bailey's Irish Cream - two (adult!) staples that always seem to find a place at any holiday gathering I go to. Maybe it's the ease of making them or the amazing cinnamon combination - whatever the reason may be, I hope you enjoy this classic Charbonneau combination as much as we do this holiday season!



Nancy's Favorite Snickerdoodles

While our family has been making snickerdoodles for a very long time, this recipe for the classic cookie comes pretty close to how my mother-in-law makes them - enjoy!



Buchannan Family Pizzelle Cookies

It just doesn't feel like the holidays without my mom's Pizzelle cookies - a recipe she's used since I was little! Check out a similar recipe here - https://cookingwithmammac.com/almond-pizzelle-cookies/


Classic Charbonneau Coffee

Grab a mug, fill it halfway with coffee, halfway with Bailey's Irish Cream, and top with cinnamon - yes, it's extremely easy and extremely good! But, my favorite part of this fireside drink is making the cinnamon whipped cream to go on top using this recipe at Southern Living.





The art of maximalism: going above and beyond, filling every inch of your tree and garland with holiday cheer to create a beautiful and unforgettable centerpiece to your holiday celebrations. When decking the halls for the season, we love to be inspired by beautiful Christmas trees when we decorate our clients' homes for the holidays, and we've rounded up a few of our favorites to show you why.








As we wrap up 2019, even among the holiday chaos, I am filled to the brim with incredible gratitude and joy.

This year has brought immense growth, creativity, and excitement to Charbonneau Interiors and I for one could not be more excited for what 2020 will bring.

On behalf of our team, I hope you have a peaceful holidays and a restful New Year. Cheers! 

Nancy Charbonneau