How to Style: a Bed

April 23, 2018

At Charbonneau Interiors we love mixing textures and layering textiles. When it comes to styling a bed there are different combinations to creating a beautiful ensemble. The vision for this bedding was a modern and grayscale approach and today we are sharing three tips on how to style a bed.

When it comes to layering bedding, start at the surface with a neutral bedspread or coverlet for a polished feel. This bedspread has the perfect sheen texture to dress up a bed, it is washable, and a favorite here at Charbonneau Interiors. We than followed with two king shams that replicated the bedspread for some balance.

A bed can never have too many pillows. However to keep things modern, we styled the bed with three euro shams. There is something elegant about adding three uniformed pillows to create a timeless look. For some contrast we selected a fabric that blended the colors in the room and had a custom bolster made.  

If you are not looking for custom bedding consider a custom pillow.  Adding a bolster to this bed was the perfect touch of color, pattern, and it personalized the ensemble to the client’s space.


For the final touches add a duvet at the foot of the bed. The duvet is folded into thirds to create dimension and warmth. This beautiful velvet duvet with an appliqué was the right amount of luxury and comfort.


With an array of pillows, shams, fabrics, and bed covers, the possibilities are endless! You can lean on our expert advice to bring your vision to life. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more inspiration ideas.