Living Rich in Culture - New Orleans

March 2, 2019

If you have never experienced Mardi Gras, you do not understand the joy you feel when you hear the sirens of the escorting police cars in the distance, marking the beginning of a parade! You don’t understand the excitement or butterflies that are provoked when you feel the rumble of the tractors that are pulling the beautiful,shiny costumed riders carrying a gamut of goodies to please the parade goers!

I have often been told by people who are not from here that they think it is not a place that you want to take your kids. My reply is, Mardi Gras will welcome you to the only festival on earth that provides its own soundtrack. Of course, you want to bring your kids! It’s a time for family, food, and music! It’s a kids playground, where they will find a place full of magical rows of parade ladders as far as you can see. Parade going as a kid, you know that once your crew gets tired of giving you shoulder rides to get closer to the rolling floats, those parade ladders lift you high above the crowd where you can see the show at just the right vantage point!

There is nothing like being part of the sounds and sights full of color during Mardi Gras. The feeling of excitement that comes when the sound of the conductor taps hit the ground from marching to the beat of the band's drums! The thumping in your chest that spurs you to jig about as the base hits. This is a space in time where all the rules or apprehensions fall and guard's drop. Where strangers become the best of friends, have dance parties in the street, and there is a communal ice chest full of foods and drinks.

Mardi Gras welcomes everyone from all around the world. There is no room for judgment, only time for celebration and a bit of crazy. I encourage you to see for yourself how very wonderful it can be!