Sharing Craft and Creativity at Karbach Brewing Co.

June 15, 2019

Classic style, authentic products, and business that feels like family -- these are three things that we care about deeply at Charbonneau Interiors, but we're not the only ones. Karbach Brewing Co., with its home right here in Houston, shares these same values, which is why we decided to have our annual staff retreat at the Karbach brewery and restaurant a few weeks ago.

With a day full of laughs, learning, and craft brews, our staff retreat at Karbach was more than just a "retreat" -- it was an opportunity to share our creativity with this cultural hub right in our backyard, and dive into the process of custom tailored creation, all with clients and consumers in mind.

Client-centric, custom creation is something we hold dear to our hearts at Charbonneau Interiors, and something we loved getting to share with each other and Karbach Brewing Co. To learn more about their work in Houston and beyond, check out Karbach's website here.