Sparkling Wine + Interior Design

June 1, 2018

Champagne, Sparkling, Cava, Prosecco… I'm a fan! I wouldn’t consider myself a bubbly expert, however I have done my fair share of connoisseur -ing. Moet Chandon in Epernay, France to Mumm Cellars in Napa Valley. As much as I love the larger wineries, some of my favorites are the smaller locations. J Vineyards in Windsor, CA or JCB in Yountville. I could go on and on.

There is something so beautiful and sophisticated in a glass of sparkling wine. It pairs well with beautiful outdoor settings, cozy holiday décor, and everyday events worth celebrating.

Sparkling wine and interior design go hand in hand… and not just in my world! Bubbles are trending right now, and in a major way. From champagne inspired candles, intricate glasswares, swanky gifts, to inspired art, it seems that wine decor has a place everywhere. Even Pantone has created a new color inspired by sparkling wine! It’s no wonder that more bubbly bars are popping up, people flock to stylish spaces that make you feel like celebrating.

The days of ordering a glass of blanc de blanc is not going anywhere, but sparkling cocktails are having their moment as well! Inspired by classic ideals with a modern twist, the drinks are trending just as design does... and they are absoutely gorgeous on their own! 

Frida: Pineapple, Coconut, Prosecco and finely shredded coconut on the rim.

O'Keeffe: A beautiful Hibiscus flower soaked in rose water topped with Sparkling Wine.

and my favorite - Klimt: A beautiful ombre of blackberry simple syrup, Champagne, a sprig of thyme and REAL GOLD DUST on the rim!


I love to beautify lives with Interior Design. Making someone feel luxurious, yet comfortable in their surroundings is always the goal. If I can do it along side a beautiful sparkling glass I'd be more then happy to take the challange. 

[all photos taken at the amazing Blue Octopus at Point Ruston, WA]