Summer in Seattle

August 27, 2018

Summer in Seattle is the city's best-kept secret. Although it gets a bad wrap for the rain, when the sun is shining there is no prettier place in the world. It is the best time to be on the water, near the mountains, and exploring all the nature and city activities that Seattle has to offer! There is so much to do - and while Pike's Place Market and the Great Wheel are a must - here are my ideal places to be in the city on a warm summer day. We have a late summer here in the Pacific Northwest, so if you are looking to book an end of September getaway, I would highly recommend it!

A little backstory, I was born & raised in Washington, moved to Houston for 6 years, and recently moved back to the Pacific Northwest working remotely for Charbonneau Interiors!


If you haven't had the opportunity to see Seattle from the water, you must add it to your list! As a big maritime city, we use the water as transportation often. Ferries, Boating, Seaplanes... Lake Union is the perfect place to see this all in one stop. Lake Union is a freshwater lake entirely within the Seattle city limits and a major portion of the Lake Washington Ship Canal. The northern part of the lake is home to Gas Works Park (also add to your list!).

One of my favorite day activities is to take a private sailing lesson at Lake Union Charters where you can learn the ins and outs of sailing. You'll be tacking & jibbing across the lake like a pro in no time, as well as sight seeing from an incredible view.

Lake Union is also the place to see Seattle's famous Floating Homes. ("Sleepless in Seattle" anyone?) If you get the chance, you can often find one to stay in on Airbnb!


Westward! The menu includes northwest fare, including some amazing oysters. The restaurant also includes the best views of the lake and city skyline, large dock, firepit and beach seating for guests. You can arrive on foot, by boat, kayak, paddleboard, you name it. 

Also, the decor is dreamy. Considered "a little bit nautical, a little bit Jack Costeau" there is an intriguing element of design just about everywhere you look.

[ Aperol Spritiz, Lillets & Oysters to start]

[ I want to bring this oyster shell firepit into my own backyard!]

[ You can't find a restaurant in the city with a more lively view than this!]



Alki Beach is the closest beach to the city of Seattle, with a Southern California vibe, and is an ideal spot on a sunny day. Along this two-mile stretch of beach, you'll find cyclists, rollerbladers, skateboarders as well as volleyball courts, kayaks, and stand up paddle boards. Seattleites love to be active!

[photo credit]

There are a handful of restaurants, bars and cafes perfect for any time of the day, and beach bonfires at night. 




Spud Fish & Chips, on Seattle's Alki Beach, has been a local icon since 1935. Perfect for a beach day, has a walk up counter and claims to be Seattle's original fast food restaurant. Eat in the restaurant, or take it on the beach! I have personally been coming here since I was a little girl and have yet to find better fish & chips anywhere! 

[Spud's Fish & Chips! 


Alki Beach also has some great history - it was the original landing point for settlers who went on to establish the city of Seattle. Drive up the hill to Hamilton Viewpoint to see one of the best angles of the city - gorgeous year-round. 

There are so many incredible places this city has to offer - I could write a thousand blogs I'm sure. But I hope if you find yourself in town on a warm Seattle summer day, this will help get you started. Cheers!