We are Passionate about our Mission

March 15, 2019

Have you ever walked into a beautiful room and had a nagging feeling that something was missing?  A space can be beautiful, but without true heart and soul, that room can simply just be “decorated”. That is why we put our mission into action every single day.  We do not want to focus on just creating beautiful spaces.  We also want to focus on getting to know our clients so that their home is a true and beautiful reflection of who they are.

Our Mission reflects who we are, what we do and what we strive for every single day-. To build lasting relationships with our clients by providing beautiful, organized, curated and creative interior design solutions so that their lives are improved with surroundings that bring them joy. 

Our mission statement embodies so much for us. Creating spaces that our clients love is our number one focus, but how we get there is equally as important.  We believe in building relationships, listening thoroughly, communicating effectively and being very organized.  We believe that interior design is much more than just creating a beautiful & functional space.  It is about creating an environment that you want to linger in; a space that wraps its arms around you and makes you feel at home, happy and secure.  It is not contrived, it is curated- that is, it is an artful mix of components that make a house a home, not just a decorated space. 

Sometimes the design process can be tedious, but we strive to make the experience as easy as possible for our clients. With our team of 13, each of us puts our heart and soul into each and every project. From our CAD designer to our seamstress, our team is committed to providing a professional, organized and beautifully curated space that you will want to linger in!