A Whole Latte Yummy Cupcakes

July 17, 2018

Sometimes it is nice to step out of the office and organize our thoughts in a calm place. The Woodlands has many options when it comes to cafes and lounges, but if you are on the hunt for the best dessert and coffee, Crave Cupcakes is the spot for you. Whether you are needing a place to sit and read a book, treating your little ones for a sweet cupcake, or if you are meeting a client, Crave is a great neutral setting to be able to do so, indoors or outdoors.

We were lucky enough to be able to taste one of their delicious cupcakes being featured for their 10th anniversary - Pistachio. It was a flavorful blend of pistachios with a hint of citrus and topped with cream cheese icing and pistachio chunks - so gooood!

Also on their menu is a selection of craft coffee. Not only is the Cupcake flavored vanilla latte yummy, it is picture perfect as well.

With all dark chocolate cake, icing and sprinkles, Crave's Dark chocolate cupcake is a chocolate lover's dream. Other yummy flavors are German chocolate, and coconut.

We love supporting local businesses in our area. When their shop and products are as beautiful as Crave it’s a win win! Cheers to another productive week!