October 18, 2018

A beautiful house begins with great architecture.  We recently had the pleasure of working on a project with a talented home builder, and would love to share a few of the elements that transformed her own personal house into a beautiful home.


Neutral Colors are the most popular tones

August 27, 2018

Summer in Seattle is the city's best-kept secret. Although it gets a bad wrap for the rain, when the sun is shining there is no prettier place in the world. It is the best time to be on the water, near the mountains, and exploring all the nature and city activities that Seattle has to offer! There is so much to

August 22, 2018

Finishing  touches  are  so  important  to  us  for  the  spaces  that  we  create  with  beautiful  furnishings,  textiles,  art  rugs  and  accessories.    One  of  my  passions  is  that  I  absolutely  love  bringing  in  real  flowers  and  plants  to  a  space  to  make  a  house  feel  like  a  

July 17, 2018

Sometimes it is nice to step out of the office and organize our thoughts in a calm place. The Woodlands has many options when it comes to cafes and lounges, but if you are on the hunt for the best dessert and coffee, Crave Cupcakes is the spot for you. Whether you are needing a place to sit and read a book,

June 25, 2018

One of our favorite recent projects was designing a 9 year old girl, Ashley’s bedroom & adjoining room. We loved how these 2 rooms were transformed into a special retreat for her. When our client called us in to help, they knew that they wanted their daughter to have a very special room, and they wanted to

June 20, 2018

We are currently working on several projects and we took a trip to the Decorative Center of Houston in search of fabrics with unique patterns and textures. Within our first stop at the George Cameron Nash showroom, we were filled with oohs and aahs over their beautiful library. We could have gone back to our

June 1, 2018

Champagne, Sparkling, Cava, Prosecco… I'm a fan! I wouldn’t consider myself a bubbly expert, however I have done my fair share of connoisseur -ing. Moet Chandon in Epernay, France to Mumm Cellars in Napa Valley. As much as I love the larger wineries, some of my favorites are the smaller locations. J Vineyards in

May 9, 2018

When this client called on myself to assist them with their new home in Carlton Woods Creekside, there was not much left to do.  She is an Interior Designer by trade and had already designed and beautifully decorated most of their home.  They just needed a little help with some of the finishing touches.

April 23, 2018

At Charbonneau Interiors we love mixing textures and layering textiles. When it comes to styling a bed there are different combinations to creating a beautiful ensemble. The vision for this bedding was a modern and grayscale approach and today we are sharing three tips on how to style a

April 9, 2018

Sometimes it’s the little things that can set a room apart.  Those special touches that make something unique and interesting.  It doesn’t have to necessarily be extravagant or cost a lot of money- just a touch to catch your eye and peek interest.